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Public Transit Accidents

Ontario public transportation provides an invaluable service by mobilizing commuters and other travellers across the province daily, whether by train, bus, subway or street-car. Accidents can occur to transit riders, and when they do, it is vital that injury victims contact an experienced personal injury lawyer immediately to protect their rights.

It is important that an individual who has been injured in a public transit accident contact a personal injury lawyer who is qualified to submit a successful claim that protects the rights of the individual. Public transit accident claims may be complex in nature, and misconceptions exist regarding the entitlements and rights to which victims are privy. WPC Law and their professional legal team can help when it comes to public transit accidents. We have represented victims of public transportation accidents from all across Ontario, and have recovered tens of millions of dollars in compensation for victims and their families.

Public transit injury claims are comprised of several components, each with unique factors and nuances. Navigating this can be very confusing, so much so that even some legal representatives may not be up to the task of successfully pursuing a claim for compensation, due to a lack of knowledge and resources. In order to successfully make an injury claim against major transit operators such as the TTC and GO Transit, a personal injury law firm must not only possess experience and resources, but must also be able to recruit the assistance of outside professionals including engineers, road surveyors and other professionals. These individuals may not only provide assistance with technical reports but can also yield professional witness testimony.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a public transportation accident, contact WPC Law now for your free consultation. We have successfully represented many Ontario victims of public transit accidents, and have recovered millions of dollars in compensation. WPC Law's professional team of lawyers will investigate the facts and ensure that justice is served. As we work on a contingency basis, our clients do not pay one cent until their case is won.