What Are The Common Car Accident Injuries?

The type of injuries sustained in a car accident depends on several factors, including the speed of the vehicle and the force of impact. The severity of the injury depends on how fast you were traveling and how many G-forces your body experienced during the crash. If you’ve been hurt in an auto accident, hire a Personal Injury Lawyer in Cayuga to help you get compensation for the injuries sustained in a car accident.

Common types of injuries sustained in car accidents include:

• Road rash: This common injury occurs when the skin is scraped off by contact with the road surface during an accident. The severity of the road rash depends on how fast you were driving and how much friction there was between your body and the road.
• Broken bones: Bones can break due to a direct impact or because they have been overstretched or twisted by forces acting on them during an accident. Broken bones may be open or closed fractures depending on whether or not they break through your skin. Open fractures are much more severe as they allow bacteria into your body and require surgery to fix them properly. With closed fractures, you may need surgery if an impaction fracture occurs when bone fragments stick into soft tissue such as muscles or tendons, causing damage and pain.
• Head Injuries: Head injuries include brain and skull fractures and bleeding inside the skull (intracranial hemorrhage), which can cause unconsciousness or death. The risk of brain injury from a car accident is greatest for people who are unrestrained by seat belts or child safety seats because they are more likely to be thrown back against the car’s interior.
• Whiplash: Whiplash is the most common injury sustained in car accidents. It is caused by your head snapping forward and back quickly. The sudden movement causes damage to the soft tissues in your neck, shoulders and upper back. Whiplash can cause headaches, dizziness and pain in your neck, back or shoulders. It can also lead to long-term problems such as arthritis, degenerative disc disease or bulging discs. A lawyer can help you file your claim with the insurance company, which will help to ensure that you get all of the compensation you deserve.
• Spinal Cord Injuries: Spinal cord injuries are caused when the spine is damaged during an accident. This can happen when the spinal column is compressed, bent, or twisted at an extreme angle. The spinal cord contains nerves that control movement and sensation throughout your body, so that spinal cord damage can result in paralysis below the point of injury.

In addition to these physical injuries, the emotional trauma associated with car accidents can also be devastating. Many people experience post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after a car crash, including flashbacks and nightmares about being in another collision. The lawyer will be able to get your medical bills paid and handle any other legal matters related to your claim.

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