Could Victim’s Need For Surgical Operation Increase Value of Injury Case?

Because there are so many different types of injuries, there is no clear answer to the question in the title to this article.

Expenses associated with surgery

• Surgical costs
• Cost of diagnostic test(s)That could include x-rays or imaging tests.
• Medication to treat pain
• Amount of time that the patient takes to recover, before being able to return to work
• Operation puts a limit on the number of tasks that the recovered patient can perform at work. For instance, someone that has received a ventricular shunt should not do a great deal of bending, and should not use the stairs on a repeated basis.
• Disruption of some planned action, such as starting an educational program or a new job.
• Cost of child care

Non-Economic damages
—Loss of sleep
—Embarrassment, due to a change in the patient’s body, following the surgery
Possible complications
—Reaction to anesthesia

Factors that might allow an operation to increase the value of a personal injury case

The patient that has been scheduled for the operation never missed any of the pre-surgical appointments

The patient that has been scheduled for surgery has followed all of the doctor’s instructions

The patient has sought a second opinion, after being told that he or she will need to undergo an operation. Some doctors do not like to arrange for a second opinion, because in their eyes the patient should trust the doctor’s opinion. In such cases, it helps to have the name of a well-recognized physician, someone to whom the patient’s doctor could not object, as the source of a second opinion.

The injured victim was pregnant and had to undergo surgery. That would mean that the pregnancy would have to be terminated, because the anesthesia could harm the developing fetus.

Actions that could reduce the value of a personal injury claim, even if the injured victim were to need surgery.

Undergoing an operation that the doctor had not deemed necessary

Undergoing an operation, when the cause of the problem had not been identified. It is possible that an accident had caused the problem, but that the victim had failed to seek immediate medical attention.

Scheduling elaborates and expensive tests, prior to a simple operation

Not following the doctor’s instructions, once the operation had been completed. For instance, someone that has undergone an orthopedic operation is supposed to try walking as soon as possible. Later, he or she should make every effort to attend any planned session of physical therapy.

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