Accident Benefits For Bicycle Riders

If a bicycle rider were to be hit by a motorist, he or she would have the right to take legal action against that same motorist, as per a personal injury lawyer in Etobicoke.

Recovery of losses could include both medical expenses and the value of lost wages.

Recovery process should begin with notification of the insurer.

What action should be taken if the bike rider does not have any auto insurance?

The rider would need to file a claim with the insurance company of the motorist that had hit the rider’s bicycle. Once the claim was filed, the filer/rider would need to speak with the adjuster in that same company. Each insurance company has its own procedure, when handling a claim from any of the many bicycle riders. The adjuster should be able to explain what steps the filer/rider would need to follow.

Do bicycle riders that have submitted a personal injury claim normally get reimbursed for all of their lost wages?

No, each of those same riders should expect to receive about 70% of his of her lost wages. If a rider’s salary were greater than $400 per week, the reimbursed wages would arrive on a regular basis, and would not amount to more than $400 per week.

Alternate approaches to submission of personal injury claim:

One approach could be used by those riders that held down a job in a business with a retirement or pension plan, a plan to which the injured rider had contributed: The injured bike owner/rider could seek money for lost wages.

— The same injured individual would need to arrange for a valuation of his or her losses.
— The injured member of the retirement or pension plan would need to file a claim and offer supporting documents

A different sort of alternate approach should suit someone that has not paid into a retirement or pension plan.

That different approach would work, if the damage caused by the motorist had resulted in a serious disfigurement or a permanent disability for the affected party. It should also work, if the accident-linked impairment had harmed the rider’s mental or psychological functions.

If all the necessary conditions had been satisfied, and if a valuation of the plaintiff’s losses had taken place, the second alternate approach would involve filing a lawsuit, with the motorist named as the defendant.

Adding emphasis to the need for valuation of losses

That valuation is essential for bike riders that desire compensation for more than their medical expenses. What should be included in the valuation?

• Medical records: Used to support medical claims
• Statement from employer: To be used in support of claims about lost wages
• Statement from a psychologist or psychiatrist

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